Type   key   No of drones price, mouth blown   price bellows blown
  Full smallpipe plans A3 1:1   A,Bb,D   3   69
95 for border plans
(bellows plans not included)
  Small blackwood practice chanter (GHB)   B flat   85
  LGE blackwood practice chanter (GHB)   B flat   120

Smallpipes+ solid silver ferrules

    A,Bb,D   3     1125


small pipes   
  D   3   860


small pipes
  A,Bb,   3   945


  small pipes (rosewood+pewter mount combo)     D     3     925


  small pipes (rosewood+pewter mount combo)     A,Bb       3     1035


Combination small pipes A/D chanters, (4 drones)  A+D  4  1195
+200 for silver ferules
+200 for silver ferrules
 Hope Border/Lowland pipes  A  3  1195  1295

Silver ferrules are stamped with my own hallmark registered at the Sheffield Assay office.

All pipes are sent out ready to play and include a Kilter pipe case.

postage for all pipes UK 25.00 (includes insurance)

postage for all pipes worldwide 45.00 (includes insurance)

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